TripSpark - Why Us Compilation

My view of TripSpark is that they're not a vendor, they're not a store I can go and purchase a product or service from. They're a partner that I can work with and strategize with and dream with and plan with and it's allowed us to achieve. It's allowed us to do things we haven't been able to do in the past and it's allowed us to do things we wouldn't be able to do without that relationship. Over the years we have come up with many requirements to enhance the service and we were able to work with TripSpark to develop these changes and they recognize the value in enhancing their product for other users and that was a benefit I think to both of us and established a real partnership between TripSpark and the Cancer Society. More of a partner relationship than a pure vendor relationship. My favorite thing about TripSpark is the customer suppor, they're very responsive when you call or email and they're really nice to talk to and they're very knowledgeable. My favorite part about working with TripSpark was the staff that we got to work with. I felt that they really took the time to understand our business how we differ from different transit agencies and how the software solution would work to meet our needs. My favorite thing about the summit besides the location, is meeting other people that have good ideas about how to improve and keep things moving. One of the things I think went really well with working with TripSpark was the staff we worked with really understand transit and they were willing to understand our system and how it works. They want to help us solve a problem because they also are talking to other transit systems and have that knowledge. I don't know that you get that from every software provider. It's actually a conversation and a collaborative answer to that problem. Getting everything signed and ready to go it took us right up into two weeks before school started, and right away I could tell this team they flew in, it was not their first rodeo. They got everything installed, I didn't have to do anything it was a normal workday for me. If you have everything up under one umbrella software-wise, technology-wise, period, you pick up the phone and call one person and I'm so happy with it, I can't imagine going anywhere else, not even for free. I cannot imagine using anything else. Why go and try the rest if you already have the best?