NovusDR Paratransit Product Suite Features Overview

TripSpark’s NovusDR software suite allows demand response and paratransit agencies to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of their operations from client intake to securing additional funding and everything in between.

Let's look at the extensive features of NovusDR, individually:

1. Automated Scheduling. NovusDR's advanced scheduling and routing algorithm seamlessly reschedules and redistributes trips throughout the day as delays are identified. It supports batch scheduling, as well as individual trip assignments. NovusDR also recognizes limitations in vehicle capacities, and travel rules and restrictions. 2. Browser-Based Software. Users can access their system from any workstation. Installation, upgrades and individual screen configurations are a breeze with the browser-based NovusDR, thereby lowering the burden on IT. Agencies can choose from the option of either a hosted, managed service or installation on-premises. 3. Funding Assignments. Intelligently evaluates funding providers, to determine which funder can pay for all or a portion of a trip. 4. Flexible Report Generation. Utilize existing standard reports, create your own custom reports with our powerful ad hoc report design tool, or create query reports giving you access to any field in Novus to align to your agency's unique objectives. 5. Pre-Paid Faring. Novus can manually debit accounts and track fares, while passengers can load funds independently online using their credit cards on a Passenger Portal that reflects your branding. Pre-paid faring lets drivers focus on providing better service, and reduces the man-hours associated with fare collection and reconciliation. 6. Other Advanced Features. Built-in deviated fixed route functionality, a vehicle breakdown wizard to make assigning trips to supporting drivers a breeze and tools to enable HIPPA compliance – such as audit trail, permissions by user level and data encryption – are only some of the additional features NovusDR has.

NovusDR can be customized with any of these modules:

• Notifications. Customers can customize their email, text message or phone call notifications to provide up-to-the minute alerts of next day trips and imminent vehicle arrivals, reducing no-shows and late cancelations. System-wide announcements can alert customers to emergencies and restricted service. Notifications has multi-language capability. • Passenger Portal. A brand-able web portal lets customers top-up funds, cancel their existing trips and book new trips online, further reducing no-shows and administrative costs. Family members, funding agencies or facility staff can manage trips on behalf of passengers using the delegates feature. • Coordinated Transportation. Multiple organizations can coordinate a cost-effective regional system by sharing a single instance of Novus. Each agency sees only their assigned trips upon login and reports can be generated at an agency level. • Mobile In-Vehicle Options. A choice of in-vehicle hardware enables the automatic display and collection of vehicle location data. Drivers can view electronic manifests and receive trip updates in real-time. • Volunteer Management. This module allows agencies to manage volunteer drivers, including their reimbursements and highly variable schedules. • Complaints/Commendations. Track and monitor complaints and commendations from reporting to resolution.

TripSpark is your strategic partner, providing you with tools that can support your community and future ridership.

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