Streets Fixed Route Product Suite Features Overview

TripSpark’s Streets fixed route software allows transit agencies to effectively plan, monitor, and improve service delivery. It provides accurate real-time information to the MyRide passenger information system making travel more convenient and enjoyable.

Let’s look at Streets core features, one at a time:

1. Efficient Operations Management –lets dispatchers effectively monitor the fleet. The vehicle map displays vehicle locations in real-time and changing icons indicate a vehicle’s schedule adherence. Configurable events enable dispatchers to pre-emptively resolve issues, such as adding extra buses to maintain service continuity or quickly assigning a replacement driver to cover for last-minute absenteeism.

2. Visual Planning Tools – simplify routine service planning tasks like route creation, blocking, run cutting and rostering. One-click General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) exports makes it easy to provide schedules to Google Maps.

3. Comprehensive Reporting – Streets gathers comprehensive and accurate data for NTD reporting, helping agencies maximize funding. Analyzing data helps identify opportunities to reduce costs and optimize resources use while improving service quality. Streets reporting simplifies the reporting process by allowing for drag and drop custom report creation or editing, without needing database expertise.

4. Reliable On-Board Technology - connect the fleet with dispatch and act as a hard-wired hub for other on-board peripherals such as Automatic Passenger Counting and Automated Announcements. Designed for ease of use, they provide drivers with the information they need to complete tasks on-time and safely communicate with dispatch.

5. Remote Device Management – software updates as well as new schedule information and annunciator files can be pushed out over-the-air to MDTs, significantly reducing the time and inconvenience of updating the fleet. A suite of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools allows administrators to manage on-board hardware remotely, minimizing downtime.

Additional value can be realized by adding any of the following modules to Streets:

6. MyRide Passenger Information Systems –help riders plan trips and navigate by providing real-time information and timely subscription alerts about service updates and next bus information. Our passenger information systems enable agencies to reach all of their riders and provide multiple access options including: mobile app, digital signage, online, text, and voice call.

7. Service Interruptions Management –service can be temporarily modified to address detours and service disruptions. This information, including locations and real-time information for temporary stops, is automatically pushed out to dispatchers, drivers and riders without the need to post or print new routes and schedules.

8. Integrations - Streets offers powerful cross-system integration. A single MDT can dual boot for both fixed route and demand response functionality and offers basic fare counting capabilities. Streets tracks all fixed route and demand response vehicles on a single screen with separate icons and connects with larger enterprise management systems. A change in one part of the system is automatically reflected across the board.

TripSpark is your strategic partner, providing you with technology that supports your community and future ridership. As a single-vendor solutions provider with decades of experience in fixed-route software innovation, we back our customers with expert customer care, comprehensive operational resources and ongoing support.