Passenger Portal for Paratransit


What if you could answer your client’s questions without overburdening your staff? And what if you could prove those answers anytime day or night? That’s the thinking behind the Passenger Portal. With a simple click, clients can view, edit, or cancel their schedules trips. Past and figure clients can make trip requests using stored favorites or a previously booked trip. They can also make a trip request from scratch. First a date is selected from the calendar, then a time is selected for when they wish to be picked up. The time they want to return is also chosen. You have control over whether the system automatically books the trip immediately or whether to pass it on to staff for review. When they’re ready to be picked up, you’ll know in a click. On any web-enabled device they’ll be able to see their vehicle approaching. Your passenger portal can be customized to reflect your color scheme and logo. But the real benefit is the reduction in no-shows and driver wait times, and the increased customer service that provides clients more control, all while being available at any time. That’s the power of complete trip management in the hands of your clients!