Laketran - Ben Capelle - Streets

Hi, this is Ben Capelle from Laketran in Painesville, Ohio.

We bought Streets about a year ago. And we’ve been using it since then. Everything has worked great so far. One of our biggest reasons to switch and do everything with Streets was because it’s all integrated together, it doesn’t require importing and exporting and the management of different servers…and you know a bunch of extra support on the back end. It basically is run off of one server and everything is integrated together and you don’t have to export and import and do a bunch of different—what I would consider labour intensive tasks to get your schedule to the dispatching system, to the real time arrival system. It all just kind of flows seamlessly together.

Another nice thing is the program was clearly designed recently. So it’s intuitive for current computer users. I had about 1 hour worth of training on Streets before I was able to just kind of pick it up and run with it. So I personally recommend Streets for anyone who has to do any kind of schedule entering or modification, or even dispatching. Because the software is so easy to use and integrated it’s been much easier to teach people how to do their jobs and do their jobs properly.

One of the things that really surprised us was how quickly the drivers became dependent on having Streets on their Ranger or their tablet. We have a lot of drivers here that have worked here for 30+ years and they’ve driven the same route for 30+ years and you know, they don’t feel they need any extra help knowing how to drive their route. But one thing they learned with Streets is that it does help them too. They really appreciate the real-time information about how ahead of schedule or behind schedule they are.

The “Quick Glance” on the ranger is really a great tool for them and they have come to rely on it regularly (new and old drivers alike). Generally we don’t have many things we can complain about Streets, it’s been good. It’s been very reliable. You don’t have to worry about restarting servers… and is it working today? Is it not working today? It just pretty much runs. And TripSpark has had good support of it if we’ve ever had a problem (which I can’t even think of).

But overall, Streets is a great application for an agency our size; we have 115 buses, about 165 drivers, and we do a lot of door-to-door service. We do a lot of Cleveland commuter express service—we’re a suburban county and we have buses going to Cleveland every day. We also do local fixed-route service. So we have a diverse service profile and it has really worked well for us.

Sometimes it can be difficult to segregate commuter express service and fixed-route service, but it has done that flawlessly and we have been very happy with the application.

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