Decrease Paratransit Radio Congestion

Congested radio waves might make seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers at your paratransit agency appear impossible. This short demo will show you how a transit ITS solution can make driver/dispatcher communication more efficient to increase productivity for everybody. Meet Hank and Jan. Hank is a driver for #1 Transit and Jan is the dispatcher. Before, Jan would spend hours on the radio, frantically trying to communicate with drivers. Now when Jan needs to communicate with Hank, she simply sends a message to his in-vehicle computer. If the message is important, Jan can designate it as a priority message that will immediately pop-up on Hank's screen. Alternately, if driver distraction is a concern, Jan can designate the message to show up only when the vehicle has stopped. The messages are formatted so Hank can answer with the push of a button. Hank can also communicate instantly with Jan, by selecting from a list of canned messages. If an emergency situation arises, Hank can immediately alert dispatch that he needs help by pressing a discrete emergency button. Unplanned trips or events such as traffic jams or bad weather used to cause panic in the dispatch office and affected on-time performance. Now Jan can keep tabs on all the vehicles and the situation on the road. If a vehicle is delayed, Jan can easily transfer trips between vehicles or dispatch a new vehicle to cover extra trips. This ensures customers are picked up on-time. This ensures customers are picked up on-time. If an unscheduled trip is required, Jan can instantly send a trip insertion to the closest available driver. In the vehicle, a message appears on Hank's screen, alerting him to the new trip. Hank pushes "OK" to accept the trip and the trip is automatically added to his electronic manifest. If there are other changes to Hank's manifest such as a cancellation, Jan just follows the same process and Hank's manifest is immediately updated. If Hank needs to talk to Jan, he can use the mobile computer's built-in cellphone to call her once the vehicle has stopped. The transit agency can approve or prohibit the numbers Hank is allowed to call. For example, Hank could reach only dispatch or have complete access to any number. With a transit ITS solution, Hank and Jan's workdays are happy and stress-free. Their improved communication and productivity means better service and more satisfied customers. You can get the same results as #1 Transit. Contact us today.

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