On the Bus with Transit ITS Technology

Hi, I’m Gregory. I’m going to show you how an ITS solution works onboard a bus.

Meet Bob: A fixed route transit driver. When Bob starts work, he signs on to his in vehicle computer and it automatically logs him on to all the other on board systems.

Bob is driving route 405 today. Because his agency has incorporated an ITS solution, many of Bob’s previous duties are now automated, allowing him to concentrate on the road, and arrive on time at every stop.

As the bus reaches a stop, the onboard LED sign automatically displays stop information for passengers. And the integrated annunciation system announces stop and route information to passengers both inside and outside the bus.

Automatic passenger counters count riders as they board the bus. If the bus is not equipped with an automatic passenger counter, the driver can simply tap the touch screen on his in-vehicle computer to count passengers as they board.

If a passenger has a transfer request, the driver can enter the information into his ranger without needing to radio dispatch.

Maintaining on time accuracy is a paramount importance in any fixed-route system. Ranger informs drivers in real time of their status in color coded text: red for early, black for on time, and blue for late.

Bob is early today, so he can answer a message from dispatch while waiting. Once Bob’s status changes to on time, he pulls away from the stop and continues driving his route. The ITS solution's automation of many manual tasks eases a driver’s daily work load. In addition, on board schedule and route adherence of routes that keep your drivers on time and your passengers happy.

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