WheresTheBus Channel 6 Highlight

A new app gives parents some peace of mind. “WheresTheBus” lets adults keep tabs on their kids while they’re away from home or school.

The Red Clay School District is the first in Delaware to use the technology. The Superintendent says the response from parents has been overwhelming. The app pinpoint exactly where the bus is and what time it should arrive at the stop. Not only does it tell you whether it’s on time or it’s late, it actually shows you where it is. And then often times if you have a substitute bus it’ll actually show you the number of the bus that is the substitute. So this way you know what to look for.

All Red Clay buses are outfitted with GPS technology that works with the app, the transportation system also uses the data to easily keep track of the buses instead of having to rely on drivers talking over the old fashioned radio.

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