Abby Slovack, Lethbridge Transit


We wanted to move our system into the 21st century and be able to provide real time information easy to access information for our customers when they're trying to plan their transit trip. Also, we wanted to be able to collect data so we could work to improve our transit system. For us when we purchased the system we knew we needed to upgrade our Paratransit software, at the same time we wanted to enhance our experience on the transit side of things as well. So when we went out to purchase both sets of software it made sense to go with a single vendor. That way our technology, our hardware, our software is all one system, it's for us to maintain it's easy for us to train our staff. We don't have to have a huge spare ratio for our hardware. It's just that cohesive look and feel to the whole system. The biggest thing we wanted to do was to make it easier for our customers to access transit for someone who only rides transit every now and then, or even a tourist that visits our city. It's really hard to look at our maps and schedules, our ride guide, our website and try and figure out what bus to take at what time and how to make a transfer. So implementing this system allows customers to easily plan their trips to know how to make those transfers, and to see where their bus is in real time and know exactly when it's going to arrive. My favorite part about working with TripSpark was the staff that we got to work with, I felt that they really took time to understand our business, how we differ from different transit agencies and how the software solution would work to meet our needs.