NovusMED Product Suite Features Overview

TripSpark’s NovusMED software suite allows healthcare organizations, brokers and providers to effectively manage all aspects of NEMT operations. NovusMED can be configured and customized to suit an organization’s specific needs. Let's look at the extensive features of NovusMED, one at a time:

1. Automated Eligibility Imports. You can manage eligibility for multiple programs and funding sources, and accurately handle eligibility decisions for dual-eligible members. 2. Easy-to-Use NEMT Booking Workflow. Successive screens cue call takers to gather the necessary information, including addresses, special needs, funding sources, mobility aids, attendants, trip times, and more. 3. Lowest-Cost Trip Assignments. Call takers can select the most appropriate door-to-door provider based on specific criteria such as availability, location, mode and cost. Fixed route bus and mileage reimbursement are also options. 4. Automated Scheduling. NovusMED has the most advanced scheduling, routing and trip assignment algorithm in the industry to enable real-time, street-based scheduling and routing. It supports batch scheduling, as well as individual trip assignments. 5. Broker-Provider Data Exchange. Providers can use the Trip Broker portal to securely access trips and trip information. They can accept or reject assigned trips, bid on unassigned trips, as well as export accepted trips and import completion data for streamlined billing. Automated data exchange options are also available. 6. NEMT Billing for Providers. NovusMED provides convenient access for providers to respond to trip assignments and to submit follow-up trip completion and billing data. 7. NEMT Billing for Funders. Automated submissions to funding sources improves timely and accurate billing and encounter reporting.
8. Integrated Provider, Driver and Vehicle Management. Manage your required credentials by uploading supporting documentation and creating reports to track expiration dates of licenses, vehicle inspections, insurance, training, and other requirements. 9. Flexible Report Generation Choose from five different options to generate the right report using Crystal Reports, SQL queries, Report Builder, SSRS or DataMart.

NovusMED can be customized with any of these modules:

• Mobile In-Vehicle Options. A choice of in-vehicle apps enables the automatic display and collection of vehicle location data, communicating the provider’s trip data to all authorized users. Drivers can view an electronic manifest and receive trip updates in real-time. • Volunteer Management. This module allows you to manage volunteer drivers, including their reimbursements and highly variable schedules. • Complaints/Commendations. With this module you can track and monitor complaints and commendations from reporting to resolution. • Notifications. Email, text messages or phone call notifications provide up-to-the minute alerts of next day trips and imminent vehicle arrivals, reducing no-shows and late cancelations. System-wide announcements can alert customers and drivers to emergencies and restricted service.
• Passenger Portal. A brand-able web portal let’s members cancel their trips, book new trips or manage existing trips online, further reducing no-shows and administrative costs. Family, funding agencies or medical facilities can manage trips on behalf of members using the delegate feature.

NovusMED is the only software available today that is specifically designed for the complex and changing needs of the NEMT industry.

Mike Gibson
12 months agoOctober 7, 2021
I would like to see more and get a price quote. Can we schedule a demo?
TripSpark Technologies
12 months agoOctober 7, 2021
Thank you for your interest, Mike. Can you please share your contact details at
10 months agoDecember 16, 2021
Do you have payroll integration to write checks or to calculate hours?
How is my data secured
Is this web based
Dave Silva
10 months agoDecember 16, 2021
Hi Cecelia, can you please send us your contact information to and we can have all of your questions answered.
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