Lethbridge Transit - MyRide Success

We really felt it was important to implement MyRide because we wanted to improve the ease of access for our customers with Lethbridge, being a college and university town we wanted to make figuring out which bus to take, where to grab it, how to make your transfer really easy, so that's why we wanted to do the MyRide. So a new person coming to our city can pick up their smartphone using the location devices can see where they are right now and easily plan their trip, so you can say from this location I want to go to the mall and it will populate the details of how to make that transit trip. In the past we distributed all of our information in forms of PDFs, we were a little bit behind the scene in that way and then we moved forward with MyRide we actually saw a really quick adoption. All in all we noticed that there was over a 70% increase of people checking our schedules and looking at page views in that sense. We even had an international student who was struggling to find their way in Canada with all of the paperwork and everything they needed to do and commented that MyRide made planning transit the easiest part of their move to Lethbridge, so that was very big for us. We felt it was important to have our own MyRide webpage because we felt that allowing third party companies, app developers to have our information didn't give us the control we wanted, we wanted to be able to display not only the scheduled information but also to be able to have our fares on there, our sales outlets where they can buy their fare cards other information that was pertinent to taking transit so we wanted to be able to control that. We also worked hard on our branding so we wanted it to have a cohesive look with the rest of our system, so it was important for us to have that. Working with TripSpark was fantastic right from the project planning phase, during the implementation of the project and even the support that we're receiving after. They really relied on us to know our customers and know the product that we wanted to provide so any recommendations that we made for certain enhancements to the system were really listened to by TripSpark and we were able to make some of those customization's when we did the new MyRide.