In-Vehicle App (DriverMate) for NEMT

Monitoring vehicles, connecting with drivers and accessing real-time trip data is key to running an efficient NEMT operation.

TripSpark’s in-vehicle tablet and smartphone app is a digital manifest and communication tool all rolled into one.

In real time, you can track mileage and also provide a pre/post driver check-list. Gather data or eligibility, fares, digital signatures, client information and a lot more.

Communication is safe. Drivers can even get turn by turn directions. Added or cancelled trips update automatically, allowing for same day bookings. With all this data problems can be prevented before they affect your schedule.

Through TripSpark’s NEMT software solution, providers and brokers can share information instantly, making the billing and reimbursement process faster and more dependable for both. Safer and more efficient service, all through TripSpark’s user-friendly in-vehicle app designed for NEMT.